People are the foundation

Somebody asked me, what the key ingredients to success are. Every individual has a different definition of success and different criteria to eventually declare they have become successful. In technical terms, different KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). The same questions are asked in the context of a startup. What does one need to build and run … Continue reading People are the foundation

The Maker Movement

About three years ago I was introduced to the maker culture by a colleague, before that I had no idea what it is. Today, it is more significant than ever before. There are several reasons for that. Business models have undergone tremendous changes in the last decade. Alexander Osterwalder has some really cool tools to … Continue reading The Maker Movement

The Day of Ideas

Friday was a day of ideas in the Entrepreneurship class. The groups came up with some great business ideas, some wildly creative, some improvements on the existing products and some chose the tried and tested path. Numbers show that the brainstorming itself was quite fruitful, the next step is obviously finding a better framework to separate … Continue reading The Day of Ideas

What is Innovation?

Innovation has different meaning to different people. For a hardcore gamer, innovation would mean an even more powerful gaming machines, new interfaces to play games and newer experiences like virtual reality. For someone in an underdeveloped nation, scraping for food and clothing, innovation would be a better and more efficient access to daily needs. For … Continue reading What is Innovation?